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Tempo DC inverter Ecodesign R410

  • Efficiency-10 Inverter: The new driving technology further exploits the low frequencies of rotation of the compressor, DC Inverter type, creating in the ability of operating even with rotational frequency of 1 Hz (very low). This means that the compressor does not stop, even after reaching the desired temperature, which results in further reducing intensive starts – stops and introducing new standards in comfort and reliability.
  • Intelligent Auto-Restart: When the power is off and then on, the unit automatically restores the previous function setting.
  • 0.5W Standby: Innovative switcher power design ensures only 0.5w stanby and wider voltage of PCB between 85v-265v.
  • Turbo: For fast cooling or heating.
  • X-Blow: An indoor fan continues to operate for 10′ after the unit is turned off, to fully dry the unit and remove humidity.
  • A+++ Energy Class Heating COP in W/W

FSS – 101 EI/JDF-N3

Energy Class (c): A++
Energy Class (h):  A+++
Capacity (kW): 2,50-2,80
Capacity (Btu/h): 8.530-9.554
Refrigerant charge: R410
WiFi: No

FGS – 121EI/JLM1-N2

Energy Class (c):A++
Energy Class (h): A+++
Capacity (kW): 3,20-3,40
Capacity (Btu/h): 10.918-11.601
Refrigerant charge: R410
WiFi: No

FGS – 181EI/JLM1-N2

Energy Class (c): Α++
Energy Class (h): Α+++
Capacity (kW): 4,60- 5,00
Capacity (Btu/h): 15.695- 17.060
Refrigerant charge: R410
WiFi: No

FGS – 181EI/JLM1-N2

Energy Class (c): Α++
Energy Class (h): Α+++
Capacity (kW): 5,13- 5,28
Capacity (Btu/h): 17.504- 17.998
Refrigerant charge: R410
WiFi: No

FSS – 241 EI/JDF-N3

Energy Class (c): A+++
Energy Class (h): A+++
Capacity (kW): 6,70- 7,25
Capacity (Btu/h): 22.860- 24.737
Refrigerant charge: R410
WiFi: No

-15°C Cooling
The outdoor unit can operate in cooling even when the outdoor temperature is -15°C, maintaining a reliable operation level. The frequency both of the compressor and fan is adjusted according to the external temperature fluctuation.
Dehumidifying mode.
Cold Air Prevention
During the heating mode, the indoor unit’s fan is activated only if the exchanger is heated enough in order to avoid creating currents of the creation of cold air streams in the room.
Clock Display
24-hour display.
In case of power failure the unit keeps in memory the current mode, and when power supply is restored continues to operate accordingly.
The unit automatically detects the need to start the defrost process.
LED Display
LED display on the indoor unit.
New technology which allows the unit to display error code automatically in order to facilitate maintenance when the unit does not operate properly.
You can set the Air-conditioner to turn on/off automatically at desired time.
Press “Turbo” button on remote controller to enjoy a higher air flow, which enables the indoor temperature to reach the set temperature shortly.

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