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Best known for its compact dimensions, discreet design and increased modular installation versatility, allowing total capacity of up to 180 kW, generation FMV5 combines the versatility of big VRF systems with the wide range of indoor unit choices for medium and large scale commercial applications.

  • Simple & versatile installation: FMV5 offers an increased level of installation versatility due to the increased total max piping length, as well as wide range of indoor units to choose from.
    • Max total piping length: 1000m
    • Max total piping length between outdoor and indoor unit: 165m
    • Max height difference between indoor units: 15m
    • Max height difference between outdoor and indoor units: 90m
    • Max height difference between first branch and last indoor unit: 40m
  • Modular combination of outdoor units: Based on the modular combination of outdoor units FMV5 can achieve a maximum capacity of up to 246kW. The maximum allowed capacity diversity of indoor units can reach 135%, connecting up to 110 indoor units to a single system.
  • Wide temperature operation range: The units can operate in a wide ambient temperature range decreasing thus capacity loss due to outdoor temperature.
  • A compact design of outdoor units allows a reduced installation footprint and increased versatility in the installation site.
  • Capacity: A High energy efficiency ratio (EER) through the use of DC Inverter technology driving Scroll compressors.
  • The unique 180 degree sine wave compressor driving technology with range from 30 to 90 Hz in 61 steps allows maximum adaptability to the required conditions. The unique PID (proportional – integral – differential) curve adapts compressor capacity according to the combination of ambient, indoor and indoor set temperature in accordance with the rate of variation.



Technical Specifications


5 years warranty