Aetheria Dehumidifiers

10lt/d, 12lt/d

Dehumnidifiers fluo with ionozer

Enjoy the ideal environment in your living space by using the dehumidification or ionization function.

The dehumidifier removes the moisture and along that, all the unpleasant effects it can cause and the ionizer, with its special filters, isolates dust, bacteria and unpleasant odors.

Create for you and your family a healthy and clean environment, free from moisture.

Dry the clothes indoors

The air, during the winter months, contains a high percentage of humidity. This is the reason why it is difficult and takes long to dry the clothes outdoors. Using the  drying function of Fluo Dehumidifier, you can dry the clothes indoors in a very short time.




Auto Restart



Touch Button

LED Display

Quiet Design

Dust Filters


  • Compact, quiet and practical.
  • Ionizer for air-cleaning.
  • Electronic indicator and humidity rate adjustment.
  • LCD display and touch keys.
  • Two fan speeds.
  • Multiple functions such as ionizer, drying machine, sleep, safety lock (for children) and scheduling.
  • Features a 2.2 litre water tank equipped with a power-off system during filling and a light filling indicator.
  • Washable dust filters.
  • Defrost function.
  • Automatic reboot function.
  • Continuous operation available.
  • Practical handle and wheels for easy transport.


Technical Specifications

User’s Manual