Fluo dehumidifiers are reliable portable solutions that provide efficient dehumidification in the household environment. They are equipped with an easy to use electronic built in controller, allowing full control over functions, such as precise humidity control, a 2/4-hr timer on/off, various fan speeds, continuous operation. The unit is equipped with various safety features like auto stop, auto restart, etc.

Please note that the continuous operation is being achieved when one of the following conditions are fulfilled:
a) established connection between the dehumidifier and a sewer pipe
b) the dehumidifier is connected to a condensate reservoir, equipped with an automated shut down function upon repletion

Fluo dehumidifiers are available in four models, FDN10AH (10 lt/day), FDN12AH (12 lt/day), FDN20AH (20 lt/day) and FDN24AH (24 lt/day), capable of covering areas of 35m2, 45m2, 55m2 and 65m2, respectively.