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  • New generation of fluo Cassette DCI indoor unit, equipped with ALL DC – Inverter technology, that ensures full control and up to A++ energy efficiency.
  • New, 4-way panel, of improved design and high aesthetics.
  • Ability to operate in extreme conditions such as heating from -10°C to 24°C and cooling from -15°C to 48°C.
  • More comfort with a lower noise level from 37 dB(Α) and better air circulation with a 3 speeds indoor fan.
  • Special silent mode and sleep mode with three different choices of temperature fluctuation.
  • Indication of filter-pollution for programming the next maintenance.
  • Equipped with condensate pump up to 500 mm.
  • Ability to connect two wired controls for one internal unit, in order to achieve a simpler and more direct handling, or even to a central control, when there are more units installed (optional wired control).
  • Ability of an ionizer installation and providence for in-taking fresh air in the indoor unit.
  • Easier installation by using communication wires of no polarity.
  • Easy maintenance and troubleshooting through detailed fault codes.

For the Technical Specifications click here.